Day Three


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Dante's View, 5,475 feet above sea level. You're right.  We couldn't drive the motorhome up here, so we left the motorhome and drove the dinghy.  If an artist used such a pallette, you'd say it wasn't realistic.  That's not the surf that you're seeing, that's the mineral (mostly salt) remains of evaporated rain water.

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Now we're on to the Natural Bridge, an archway formed by, you guessed it: rushing water. This was the longest/hardest climb we made in Death Valley. We're not sure what the grade was (other climbs were much steeper), but this one was fairly steep and went on for quite a while in the very dry air of The Valley.
The Bridge is bigger than it appears here. Notice the other people on the other side?

Headed back down, first from above the Bridge.

Down on the salt flats, at 282 feet below sea level (the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere) looking up at Telescope Peak 11,049 feet above sea level.

Looking back (Here comes the water!) Yes, that's the Chevy way over there...

The slat flats.

Close-up of the slat flats. Lenscap for scale perspective.

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