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This is the  way we looked as we pulled out of our driveway on November 15th, 2002.
The HappieCamper is about 38 feet, the SUV and the hitch are almost 20 feet. Nearly 60ft going down the road. If you see us, be sure to wave, honk, or otherwise make us aware of your presence. If Ron is sleeping behind the wheel, please beep twice.


=>Bulow RV Resort
=>Sunburst Park
=>FMCA Rally
=>BC Lakes


=>Arctic Nature
=>Native Culture

Photo Gallery Pages:


=>Backyard Birds
=>Driving Daytona Beach
=>The Everglades
=>Grand Canyon
=>Death Valley
=>Into Alaska
=>Delta Junction
=>Richardson Hwy
=>Denali National Park
=>Mt McKinley

Interactive SiteMap!


=>Key West Sunset
=>Route 66
=>Hoover Dam
=>Las Vegas
=>RedRock Canyon
=>Vegas Shows
=>Las Vegas Cassinos
=>OKC Memorial
=>BB King!
=>Scouts Rest
=>Pike Place
=>Dawson Creek
=>The Pipeline

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