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We stay here at Bulow RV Resort Campground for 3 nights, vow to return and head on out. 
This is certainly the nicest place at which we've stayed.  So far.

This is the view we have out of the front window of the HappieCamper.

Looking across the creek, in front of which we are camped.

According to the sign at the check-in counter, there are alligators in this water, and it's illegal to feed them. I wonder, is it illegal because
1) Our American diet is so bad that it is not fit for an alligator,
2) A fed alligator loses it's fear of humans, and then will pester us for food, or
3) A diet of humans is bad for alligators.
We decide not to find out, and kept ourselves (and Jake!) away from trouble.

Looking back from across the creek.

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