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So, it's time to take a trip into the desert.  We saddled up the ol' Chevy Tahoe, packed in some water, and headed for the 4 mountains.  Here we are parked next to a saguaro cactus.

It was a lot steeper, a lot looser, and a lot bumpier than it looks here .

The only other vehicles around are ATVs and I saw a Jeep.  Are we in over our heads?

Joan and I climbed the mountain (partway), and here's what we could see.Every white dot that you see is an RV. See that distant area of white, just about in the center of the picture?  RVs.  Most of them parked for free (or almost free) on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land.

Now we're looking the other way.
We are planning to take this drive into the desert tomorrow.

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