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Waiting to board Alaska Airlines in Fairbanks. Alaksa Airlines is one of two aitlines that use this special 737-Combi aircraft.  As you can see, the front of the plane is for freight, the rear for passengers.  We are told that the bulkhead separating the passengers and the freight can be shifted forward and back to change the available space between the two.

Leaving the plane at Barrow. The flight lasted just over an hour, and ended with a rather hard landing a long way down the runway.  Ron claims to have lost two inches in height from the hard landing, then lost his shoes as they flew off and hit the cockpit door when the pilot braked hard to a stop.  (Just kidding of course, he only lost an inch and a half.)

As you can see, it was pretty foggy when we arrived. The fog continued off and on for the day and a half that we were there. Ron thinks that it really set the appropriate mood of being at the top of the world, though the pictures might have been more colorful under a full sun. Below is a montage of a few pictures of the airport at Barrow, which is dominated by Alaska Airlines. Believe it or not, Alaska Airlines flies in and out of  Barrow  twice a day, every day, year round. The only pavement is the runway itself... everything else in town is dirt/gravel.

The Top of the World Hotel room was smallish (it was bigger than this picture makes it look) but very modern and very comfortable.  The curtains were very heavy blackout, which, as you can imagine, is quite important up here where the sun does not set for 83 days in the summer.

This was taken from the hotel window after we returned from our private Hummer tour to Point Barrow.  It was 12:30 in the morning. We don't really know, but the sun seemed to be at about the same height in the sky all day (and night) long.

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