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This is the Matriarch of this Eskimo Inupiat Tribe, demostrating her sewing skills and technique.

Click here for a 10 second clip of an Inupiat dance. CAUTION: This clip is 2.1 MB.  You may want to right click on this link and save the file to your own computer.  Also, the sound may be quite loud.

The Bowhead whale is sacred to the tribe, and it is stressed everywhere that their whaling activities are for subsistence, not for commercial purposes. That may very well be true, but it was never asserted that people would go hungry without whaling. On the third hand, it is claimed that the Bowhead population is increasing. We won't pass judgement based on a 3 hour tour. Something else to delve into and study for a few weeks.

All around town there are animal skins in varrious degrees of drying and/or tanning. There are three skins here.  Can you spot'em all?

Ilisagvik college has about 1,000 students, approximately 200 full time.

Part of the culture and heritage of a community includes the way they live, doesn't  it? This is pretty much what homes and residential streets look like in Barrow.

Tourism is a really big part of the culture now as well.

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