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Our ride.  A '93 Hummer. This was part of what made this side trip so incredible.  This vehicle went into muddy dirt, soft sand, and loose polished gravel, went up and down banks of all those surfaces without missing a beat, walking over angles that would have flipped the HappieDinghy on it's roof. They weren't even a challenge for this tank-like military vehicle.

Notice that the sign says: "No vehicles beyond this point!" That doesn't include us, because the tour operators have a permit, and pay a fee per visitor for the privilege of visiting Point Barrow. Also notice that the natives seem to take great joy in shooting signs, having shot out both the polar bear in the middle of the sign, and the "Top of the World" logo.

The first wildlife we come upon is a Jeager eating it's prey.

Snowy Owl (Ukpik)

Some of the bones on the beach.  We're holding the lower mandible of a small bowhead whale. Insets, top to bottom: Pieces of a Bowhead mandible; Skeleton of a bearded seal; Skull of the same.

Setting up "The Shot". You'll see what we mean...

The Shot.

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