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We heard that they applaud the sunset.  How absurd!  Or so we thought.

Part 1: Dock Shadows
The cruise ships block the view from Mallory Square!  An inauspicious start.

We get lucky!  One of the ships embarks just before Sunset, and *WE* have the best seat in the house!
This ship backed out... The one the other day spun around on it's  axis.  Considering their immense size, they seem to be quite maneuverable.

Ok, one ship gone, the people can see the Sun!

Part 2: The Actual Sunset
A great ending.  Hire that Architect!

The next series of photos was so big that I wanted to give warning and put it on a second page.
Click here, but remember, it's gonna take a bit to download if you're not  on a high speed connection.

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