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Here is Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, Nevada.  RedRock Canon is just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip.  It is in a National Conservation Area, and is probably one of Las Vegas' best kept secrets.  Here are some of the Red Rocks.

Looking in the other direction.  There's plenty of parking all around. Just head out on West Charleston Boulevard, about 18 miles from The Strip.

Family fun climbing rocks right next to Las Vegas. There's something for everyone in Vegas.

Part of the fun of Red Rock Canyon is the 13-Mile Scenic Drive.  The next two shots give a pretty fair indication of what the drive looks like, but there are lots of fun places to stop if you're into scenery and even some petroglyphs.. 

If you're in Vegas for the gambling, and you are here for the wife and kids, you may be ready to leave at the end of the drive. Stop and smell the roses!

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