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Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. First, we have dinner at the Klondike Rib and Salmon restaurant. The restaurant is in the oldest still-operating building in Whitehorse.  It used to be just a frame for a temporary structure (read: tent).  Of course, it's only open in the summer. The food was good, and the portions were quite large.

After dinner, we head for the Frantic Follies, a show that is held in the hotel ballroom, which is set up with a stage and, believe it or not, risers for the audience.  The room will hold about 400, and it's about half full tonight. The follies is a comedy variety show, supposedly in the vaudeville style, but the show was G rated. Here we are being told to put away video cameras -- stills are ok.

We decide to take a crusie on Lake Schwatka. The lake was formed by the construction of the hydroelectric dam on the Yukon river.  The city of Whitehorse was named when people, looking down on the very high rapids on this stretch of the Yukon imagined that it looked like the manes of white horses.  Those rapids are now gone under these 50 feet of water.

We were a little surprised at the primitive nature of our crusie ship....

But seriously, our boat is at the end of the dock. As in most place way up north, this body of water is used for many purposes: tourism,  recreation, transportation (both air by float plane and boat) energy.

It was a nice crusie, but just "nice". There was nothing wrong with it, but we're not sure we'd do it again.

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