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Pictures can't capture the size and scope of the Las Vegas Strip, so I won't even try. Suffice to say that if you were designing a city to be bright and garish, and you went overboard by three orders of magnitude, you'd still be short of Vegas. Then again, where else can you walk from Italian art to French Architechture, see a British Naval battle against the Pirates, and two guys named Zigfried and Roy and their White Tigers?

 Here's a view of "Paris, Las Vegas".

The ceiling of the lobby of The Bellagio Hotel...

...And their mirrored Stalion, of course.

This is the sign on the sidewalk as you approach Treasure Island (Interestingly, the City of Las Vegas doesn't seem to mind forcing pedestrians to walk around these large structures and into Casino (private) property to walk down the street.)

Let the battle begin!  Here comes the Navy

The Captain addresses his swabbies

The Pirate ship is struck!

The British Man-o-war is hit and taking on water fast!

...and the Captain goes down with his ship.

The white-tiger dudes, Zigfried and Roy. This is adjacent to the sidewalk, and the lion's mouth is large enough to put one's head inside. It's big!

The white-tiger paces around his habitat.  All of this was before Roy's tragic accident

A pretty good close up picture of the white tiger in his habitat.

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