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It took me a year to be able to write this description of the Oklahoma City National Memorial Center.  This project was quite moving, but it just doesn't work -for me- as a good memorial. It is way too big, takes way too long to visit.  It was clearly designed by committee, and everybody got what they wanted.. 168 people died here.  How big will the memorial for 9/11 be? I hope the 9/11 committee learns something from this endeavor.

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A little boy places a stuffed animal along the fence that protected the worksite.  This fence in it's simplicity was perhaps more powerful and and moving as any of the highly contrived exhibits inside or out, conveying the spirit of those who left items behind.

Ok, this one works for me, too.

Did you notice that there are no pictures from inside the "National Memorial Center"?  Well, they charge an admission price, and I guess they don't want to miss out on getting some fees, so photography isn't allowed. Is this a place to memorialize the victims and the event, or a commercial endeavor?

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